We’re a full house now!

Glad to announce that we are running at full steam at the moment with Pramod Suryawanshi joining the ranks of ThinkingSpace today.
This brings our total count to 8 and the end of our latest hiring exercise.

Pramod will be joining the development team at ThinkingSpace.

Hiring for a startup – when you have to do everything yourself – is pretty intense — and at the same time exhilarating experience!
We’ve tested and interviewed so many candidates for the two positions that we’ve filled up recently. Some promising, others not so much. So many stories and even more experiences!

Startups have their own share of challenges and more that getting the really smart guys on board, it becomes as important to get people with the right attitude on.
Being a small company, it is very easy for a bad hiring decision to affect the morale of the company and team in a big way.

Our office, for the first time, seemed a little crowded today and we think it might be time to move to a bigger place.
And that is definitely a good thing (I think).

So thats all for the update. A shout out goes to our newest team-mate, welcoming him  to Team ThinkingSpace.
More news later …


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