How Do We Market Ourselves ?

We have been asked this question time and again: How do you market yourself?  Our friends, cousins, past colleagues, budding entrepreneurs, people doing surveys have asked us the same question time and again since we started. To which we reply – “We haven’t, yet”.

Maybe they are under the impression that we are a core IT services company who do projects for clients from US, UK and India.  They are half-right, as we do Product Engineering services, providing end-to-end solutions for a business and helping it grow, particularly in the Internet space.

We started ThinkingSpace Technologies in April 2007 with our main goal to become a successful  Software Products Company from India. Hence we started work on ActiveCiti (v2) and launched it on 8th June, 2007. We got  good response for the site from many bloggers and reviewers, and of course, our older Activeciti users. After the launch, one client approached us wanting a tool very similar to ActiveCiti for sending out invitations and RSVP. Thus emerged – built on ActiveCiti engine. Similarly, one client wanted a professional networking site for TV Professionals with feature sets similar to ActiveCiti. Hence, we created And so on and so forth.

Did we make ActiveCiti with the intention of growing our Services?  No.
We did the best we could, to the best of our knowledge, to the best of our capabilities and launched ActiveCiti.

We got some projects from networking and some from word of mouth –  Viral Marketing. Updating your company/product blog, getting people to write reviews and blogs on your product, being active on forums and blogs, attending local start-up communities, seminars and conferences – all these help a lot. They go a long way in building your name and credibility. And the best thing is – it doesn’t cost much. You don’t need to allocate a budget for this channel.

Marketing specifically for our products and building traction for the same is a challenging task which we are learning. Will post our experiences in another post.


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